In the tale of Peter Pan, Neverland is described as a place deep within one’s imagination. A person’s Neverland is always unique, absent of boundaries, and full of adventure.

Neverland Studio was born in 2011, and from my very first client (still with me today), it’s grown into a cutting-edge creative studio working with clients across the globe. My work has been plastered around the streets of London, hit the shelves in New York City, and been printed, packaged and installed throughout Australia. It’s also helped establish a tonne of smaller brands, that you might not have heard of (yet).


the founder

Hi, I'm Dani! I’m the founder & creative director of Neverland Studio. I’m also the creator of The Brand Bazaar, a logo marketplace for entrepreneurs.

I create iconic brand identities, eye-catching print campaigns, sleek digital designs and inspiring online spaces that will capture the attention of your audience. I act as a detective, drawing out your brand personality with a series of targeted questions and refined creative processes. And as a translator, transforming this into stunning visuals that tell your story in a compelling way.

I’m a big believer in the potential of awesome branding. A captivating and cohesive brand identity is everything. It has the power to boost your credibility and drive long-term growth for your business. Put simply, it’s key to building an influential brand.

When I talk about the power of ‘branding’ I’m not simply talking about your logo. This is a crucial asset in your branding arsenal, but simply the start when it comes to engaging your audience.

A truly compelling brand tells their story cohesively through their website, socials, packaging, and beyond. My goal is to come to understand your story, and translate that into stunning visuals that trigger the imagination of your community.

My role at Neverland.

All projects receive my creative direction or hands-on creative skills. I’ve been running Neverland as a full-time business since 2011, so you can relax – I’ve got your back. My clients often tell me I’m a mind reader, and offer a unique balance of wild imagination, commercial understanding, and level-headed focus – this is what I pride myself on.

Behind the scenes.

I’m a passionate creative, a classic extrovert, a diehard realist and driven-AF. Not just on the work front (though it definitely spills over), but when it comes to creating a life that makes me beam. I live life by my favourite quote – “You know all those things that you wanted to do? Well, you should go do them.” I believe in embracing our human-ness, connecting with our communities and taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. I grew up in Brisbane and spent a decade in Melbourne, but I now live in beautiful Bellingen, on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. My days are shared with my husband Luke, our sons Cosmo & Mars, and our big-hearted staffy, Bruce.