You can be yourself with me
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You can be yourself with me
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About Neverland.


👋🏼 I’m Dani, the founder & creative director of Neverland Studio.

In the tale of Peter Pan, Neverland acts as a euphemism for one's inner mind; always limitless, "more or less an island", and unique from person to person.

My mission is to understand your unique Neverland (the deep inner workings of your brand) and to let that inform a strong and engaging visual identity, that triggers the imagination of your brand fans.

From award-winning fitness studios to global food products, best-selling apps and lifestyle labels – my work has helped switched-on start-ups (and start-agains) to capture the attention of people from London to Los Angeles – and beyond.

The thing that they all have in common? A desire to create an iconic brand that stands out, boosts credibility and drives growth.

Yep, I’m a big believer in the potential of quality design – and since you’ve landed here, I’m guessing you are too.

I'd love to introduce myself ☺︎


About The Studio.

Neverland Studio was born in 2011 and from my very first client (still with me today) it has evolved into a cutting-edge creative studio, serving clients worldwide.

There are many fancy design words that I could throw around to impress you (golden ratio! kerning! triadic colour scheme – oh my!), but I’d rather let my work speak for itself. 

Put simply, the magic of Neverland is three-fold:

1. Creative Intuitition

I pride myself on my ability to not only deliver wildly imaginative solutions to my clients’ creative problems, but to do so intuitively. In other words, my client-mind reading skills are somewhere between Grand Master and Banachek. (Famous mentalist. Worth a google!)

It all comes down to gaining a deeply-nuanced understanding of each brand, and then finding the sweet spot between the client’s vision and their brand’s needs, right from the get-go.

No micromanaging. No hand-holding. Just a passion for the artistry of brand identity and the thrill of uncovering (as my clients often put it) “the vision I never knew I had!”

2. Easeful Client Experiences

I love bringing big, creative ideas to the table just as much as I love being a loyal and reliable go-to in my clients’ business arsenal.

No unanswered questions, confusing expectations, missed deadlines, or cloaks of silence here. Not only am I clear (crystal, in fact) with my communication and boundaries, but I also ensure that I’ve always got my client’s back with a supportive relationship and a drama-free inbox.

I am confident in my creative skills, welcome your honest feedback, and respect your nervous system. Sayonara flaky creatives, and hello easeful collaboration.

3. Design Mastery

I’ve dedicated years to honing my craft so that it’s become more than just a career – it’s transformed into second nature, a creative instinct, a deep, unrelenting passion. 

I don’t settle for ‘done’; I strive for mastery. That’s why I go above and beyond to deliver only the best for my clients – to surprise and delight, uncover and expand – and inspire them to be masters of their own brand.

I pride myself on being wildly committed to ensuring that every touchpoint of your visual identity is polished to perfection. Because your commitment to your brand should be shared by all those who play a part in its expansion.

Dani Hunt, Founder of Neverland Studio, receiving a big hug from her son
photo by @hmjphotography

About Dani.

Hi 👋🏼 I'm Dani, the human behind the brand. I’m a passionate creative, a classic extrovert, a diehard realist, and driven-AF. I also happen to have serious weaknesses for furniture upcycling and Aussie hip-hop.

And while I get a thrill out of sleek-ifying brands to perfection, I also believe in embracing our (perfectly) imperfect humanness, connecting with our communities, and taking our social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

I grew up in Brisbane and spent a decade in Melbourne, but I now live in beautiful Bellingen, on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. My days are shared with my husband (Luke), our sons (Cosmo & Mars), our big-hearted staffy (Bruce) and 12 deranged chickens.