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You can be yourself with me
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Your go-to for masterful visual storytelling & easeful creative collaboration.

Neverland exists for the savvy startups who are looking to create a stand-out brand that boosts credibility and drives growth. And – beyond each launch – to support those startups with an unshakeably reliable creative partnership as they grow.
From brand design to websites, apps, socials, packaging, print media, venue design, and beyond. Sayonara stiff, corporate partnerships and hello supportive, dynamic, creative collaboration.

Core Services


Brand Identity

A strong, engaging and original visual identity that triggers the imagination of your brand fans, boosts credibility and facilitates growth. Including a comprehensive brand kit that supports you to become the master of your own brand and easily maintain visual cohesion.


Website Design

A bespoke online home that invites and delights your brand fans. Built using SEO & UX best practices, fully device-responsive and designed to ace Google’s PageSpeed metrics. With training and support to empower you to interact with your website backend post-launch.

Dani Hunt, Founder & Creative Director of Neverland Studio

Packaging Design

Your product; extraordinarily beautiful, flawlessly retail-ready, and expertly guided through the print production process. Masterful packaging has the ability to skyrocket a product’s success and elevate its perceived value. Let’s catch the eye of your dream consumer.



A social presence is crucial in building trust, establishing social proof, and positively informing the modern consumer’s purchasing behaviours. But just ‘showing up’ won’t cut it. Establish a cohesive, branded feel with expert advice and editable social templates.


Print/Digital Media

A striking piece of print or digital media that is masterfully branded and excites your brand fans. Whether you’re looking to publish the next best-selling book, upgrade a series of workbooks, or simply boost your brand’s promotional assets, I’ve got your back.


Social Media Templates

These days, brands are expected to show up regularly and consistently online. Our social feeds help us to connect with potential customers and build relationships that convert to sales. They are a crucial piece of ‘social proof’, that informs the modern consumer’s purchasing behaviours.

Without proper guidance, your feed can quickly morph into a hodgepodge of styles that feels messy and uninspiring. A collection of on-brand social media templates will help you establish a cohesive, branded feed and reassure potential customers that your brand is legit.

These templates will be tailored to your brand identity and messaging and set up in Canva for easy self-editing.


Packaging Design

‘You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’. But let’s face it, we do. So let’s dress your product in style and make it a must-have for your dream customer. To catch their eye, it’ll be wildly creative, super sleek and effortlessly iconic.

Whether your product is being packaged in a pouch, box, jar, flex-wrap, or otherwise. Whether it’s direct-print, labeled, tagged, or beyond. Let’s make it pop to the right people.

The print process can be daunting without the right knowledge, and I will happily stay in the loop as your personal design guru, to ensure that the artwork is set up correctly, and your packaging is produced to the highest standard.


Event Design

Running a stellar event and need to get the word out there? Let’s set you up with a compelling poster that pops to your ideal crowd.

I can incorporate digital collage, hand-lettering or illustration into our creative strategy – the possibilities are truly endless.

Feel free to share any custom requirements with me too. Marketing collateral, event signage, merchandise, street press and print/digital ads can be incorporated into a neat production schedule that supports your marketing strategy.


Document Design

Looking to pitch the next best-selling book to a publisher? Deliver course content through a series of striking workbooks? Or up-level your brand’s communications with a professional media kit, lookbook, etc?

I can design a standout print-ready or digital PDF that is on-brand, and keeps readers engaged from start to finish.


Print Media

In this digital age, a beautifully designed and printed piece can have a big impact, set your brand apart, and be pinned-up, treasured and shared by your tribe.

Whether you’re producing a unique promo tool, a piece to accompany sales, or a print-media product, I can help with both design and print. 


… and beyond!

I’ve branded small businesses to large NGO’s; packaged everything from food, to skincare; created event posters, bicycle skins, textile patterns and best-selling books; developed websites, apps and more.

In addition to these frequently-requested services, I welcome creative briefs of all shapes and sizes.

Hosting Services

WordPress Hosting & Care Plan


All websites require a home on the web… a safe place (server) for your site files to be stored and securely accessed when someone visits your domain. This is referred to as ‘Hosting’. But not all hosting plans are created equal. My WordPress Hosting & Care Plan clients benefit from generous server space, a stable, fast and high-performing host, a dedicated contact, and a limited number of websites per server.


WordPress is an incredibly popular, dynamic and flexible web platform. A vast amount of third-party integrations means limitless possibilities (and at the same time, entry-points for keen hackers). That’s why WordPress websites require ongoing maintenance. To scan for malware and security issues, backup healthy files and complete regular updates to the WordPress core, themes and plugins.

My formula

Step One. Hello, stranger!

  • You take a peek at my price list and reach out via my Introductory Questionnaire.
  • I review your submission and eagerly confirm we’re the perfect match.
  • We lock in a start date for your project, and begin to discuss your brand and vision.
  • I might suggest a Zoom call to kick things off, or hit you with some questions to ensure I understand your brand inside out.
  • Just like that, we’re ready to rumble!

Step Two. Preparing for our journey.

  • I’ll usually create a mood board to kick things off and confirm I’m on the right track. This will set the tone for your brand or project.
  • If we’re dreaming up an online space, we’ll plan the foundations, and clarify the layout and functionality.

Step Three. The adventure begins.

  • I dive in, immerse myself in your project and spend some time in the creative zone.
  • First, I’ll go deep into your brand and vision, analyse your goals and audience, and form a solid creative strategy that ticks all the boxes.
  • Then, I’ll hit the tools, using design software and traditional art techniques to create a stand-out creative solution.
  • It’s time for your first glimpse! I’ll share the initial concept(s) and seek your feedback. If we’re creating a website, I’ll share the home page first.
  • We’ll discuss your ideas and incorporate any revisions
  • If we’re creating a website, we’ll proceed a few pages at a time til it’s complete.

Step Four. Final touches & launch.

  • Pop the champagne, we’re here! Get set for knock-out launch.
  • You’ll be equipped with the right set of files to implement your new brand identity or launch your product/course/campaign.
  • If your project involves print, I will stay in the loop as your personal design guru to help you navigate the print process.
  • If we’re launching a new website, I’ll take care of the tech-steps (like submitting your sites to Google & Bing) and give you access to my training portal, so you can confidently update your site moving forward.
  • It’s time to get excited about our next collaboration!

Let's chat.

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