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Little Wildling Co

Little Wildling Co is an organic tea brand for the rule breakers, the inspired, the dreamers, the wild ones. Their sophisticated blends contain nothing but organic, wild-grown herbal tea, hand blended in Australia.

Neverland was tasked with creating the Little Wildling Co brand from scratch and since day one, we’ve worked closely with the team to evolve and expand the range in response to its growing popularity.

The goal was to create a compelling visual identity that captured the brand’s rebellious, yet sophisticated spirit. As well as its devotion to organic ingredients and natural, herbal medicine.

From the beginning, we’ve remained conscious of the role of social media in informing the modern consumer’s purchasing decisions. We knew the high-quality ingredients and distinctive flavours wouldn’t be enough to grow the brand. We had to create striking, flat-lay worthy packaging that made its way into people’s feeds and caught the eye of the target audience.

The end result brings together handcrafted brush-and-ink textures, custom botanical illustrations, and text layouts that evoke an ancient apothecary vibe.

Oh how I love Neverland Studio!!! Of course our product tastes amazing… but it is always our packaging which grabs people’s eye first! Dani absolutely hit the nail on the head, understood our consumer, and captured their attention.

Little Wildling Co wouldn’t have come to life as powerfully as it did without her amazing skills, and her ability to draw out and transform my vision. The investment I made in hiring an expert has definitely paid off when it comes to my numbers, clients and visibility.

Lee Sutherland, Founder

Photo Credit. Styled photography by Ming Nomchong. ‘In the wild’ photos via @littlewildlingco.