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Caitlin Cady

Caitlin Cady is a hope dealer and meditation junkie who gives people the practical tools and powerful perspectives they need to tune into their highest self.

Through her unique blend of soulful straight-talk, guided meditations and more, she helps people to upgrade their day, plug into their full potential and live their best life.

Caitlin was craving a major rebrand that visually encapsulated her philosophy and vibe, and united the many facets of her work under one cohesive aesthetic.

We worked together to establish a comprehensive visual brand identity that encompassed her core (personal) brand, major sub-brands and products. In doing so, I not only established various design assets, but a design methodology, to allow future offerings to be branded consistently.

The final outcome is a groovy, 60s-inspired brand aesthetic that encapsulates Caitlin’s elevated energy and the modern flavour of her work.

The best creative outcomes are always born from a shared understanding of the power of brand consistency, and Caitlin absolutely gets it. Since kickstarting our collaboration and building out the brand foundations, we’ve worked together on a stationary and packaging suite; a high-vibe apparel range; a broad collection of digital products; a Shopify website upgrade, various social media and marketing assets; and beyond.

We’ve also collaborated on two major projects:
Heavily Meditated, the app. And…
Heavily Meditated, the book.

The latter is a down-to-earth meditation guide that was initially planned for self-publishing, but caught the eye of multiple parties, and was ultimately published by Hardie Grant in March 2020. It’s 240 pages of awe-inspiring content and design magic: full-colour illustrations, luxe typography and design layouts and photographic magic by Bayleigh Vedelago.

As Caitlin’s offering and audience expand, we continue to work together closely to bring her big ideas to life.

Dani is my dream designer! We’ve worked together on multiple creative projects, ranging from branding, books, product design, signage, digital spaces and apps. And I can tell you, hand on heart, there is no other designer that I’d work with!

Dani brings so much more to the table than good looking graphics. She adds value to your business. Dani’s thoughtful, diligent, creative and proactive approach is unlike any other designer I’ve worked with in the past and it means that she consistently co-creates incredible outcomes with her clients. If you’re looking for a designer who will not only nail the brief every. single. time., but also add value, enhance your ideas, and elevate your vision, Dani is the designer for you. Trust me, you want this woman on your team!

Caitlin Cady

Photo Credit. Portraits of Caitlin by Bayleigh Vedelago.