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Agoga is the Spartan word for the training program used to shape elite warriors in ancient Greece. The team behind Agoga Bondi adapted the concept for their functional training gym, where the goal is to create modern-day athletes, with bodies that are lean, agile and strong.

Neverland worked with the founding team to create a brand that paid homage to the origins of the word (Agoga), appealed to modern-day athletes and communicated the cutting-edge nature of the equipment and training programs on offer. It needed to feel aspirational, symmetrical and strong.

To achieve this, I played on the symmetry and accent of the central ‘O’ character and shaped it into a strong brand icon that would become a crucial part of the brand’s visual identity.

The brand identity was rolled out cohesively throughout the business, with an interior and exterior venue fit-out; a suite of stationery and promo materials; staff uniforms, merch and equipment; and product branding.

Designed a decade ago, yet still one of the most recognisable and noted brand identities in my folio, Agoga is the perfect example of a strong and flexible brand identity lasting the distance.

Neverland is hands down the best creative studio I have ever worked with. My businesses literally wouldn’t be anywhere near as exciting and successful as they are today without Dani’s influence. We couldn’t live without her. Long live Neverland!

Libby Babet, Founder