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You can be yourself with me
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WordPress Hosting & Care Plan


All websites require a home on the web… a safe place (server) for your site files to be stored and securely accessed when someone visits your domain. This is referred to as ‘Hosting’.

When using a platform such as Squarespace or Shopify, your monthly fee encompasses this service. When using WordPress as the platform, you require an independent hosting plan. This can be purchased via your web developer, or another provider.

Not all hosting plans are created equal. I believe in generous server space, a stable, fast and high-performing host, a dedicated contact, and limiting the number of websites per server (to 5, not 1000 – for speed and security).




WordPress is an incredibly popular, dynamic and flexible web platform. A vast amount of third-party integrations means limitless possibilities (and at the same time, entry-points for keen hackers).

That’s why WordPress websites require ongoing maintenance. To scan for malware and security issues, backup healthy files and complete regular updates to the WordPress core, themes and plugins. Plus, to re-check compatibility and immediately repair faults that may result from those updates. Although it is possible to perform those updates yourself, doing it properly is time consuming and risky. So I package it into my hosting plan for your convenience.



Agency Software

Your access to my agency-level theme and plugin licenses is also encompassed in my hosting package, making it jam-packed full of value. Agency-level themes and plugins help improve site speed, SEO and design capacity.

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Plan Inclusions

Website hosting on a secure, dedicated, private Australian server (with Cloudways)

99.9% uptime guarantee

Maintenance of an active SSL certificate

Spam filtering

Daily backups stored in a secure offsite cloud location

Monthly Plugin Updates for added features and security patching

Monthly site optimisation (revision + database cleanup)

Monthly check for security risks, malware, blacklists and errors

Access to agency-level plugin licences to improve site speed, SEO and design capability


Pricing expressed in AUD​
Incl. GST for Australian Clients