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Glow Candy

Glow Candy are purveyors of luxe, natural soy candles that compliment your acts of self-care. Because what better way to cap the day and kickstart your evening beauty routine, than to light up a heavenly candle.

What’s more, every candle sold = One tree planted. So each act of self-care also equals an act of love for our planet. Feel good, do good!

Heavenly, natural soy candles that help save the planet? Yes, please.

The folks from Glow Candy knocked on my virtual door with a vision to create a candle label that dominated beauty flatlays worldwide. The idea was to take what is a common product in millennial households and reinvent it. Firstly, by using all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. Secondly, by placing a strong focus on its visuals and using this to drive an organic social media marketing strategy. And finally, by transforming it into a social enterprise that helps tackle climate change.

To begin, the Glow Candy team snapped up a logo from my branding marketplace, The Brand Bazaar. The design uses a luxe serif font (favoured by the beauty industry) and benefited from a clever customisation on the letter ‘g’, to make it reference a candle wick (and produce a neat little brand icon).

From here, my goal was to develop a brand aesthetic and packaging solution that would catch the eye of a beauty consumer, and be a seamless visual fit with products in their collection. To fit the brief, we needed to tap into their interests in the beauty realm, and translate that into a premium candle brand.

Introducing this luxe little number. Elegant typography, a sophisticated colour palette, a minimal layout and a luxe gold foil combine to create a brand that speaks to a beauty-conscious consumer, feels calming and grounding, and reflects the premium nature of the product.

Neverland is the ultimate design studio. At the helm, Dani is inspired, punctual and responsive. And everything has that unique ‘wow’ factor.

Justin Babet

Photo Credit. Photography by Aneta Laura. ‘In the wild’ photos via @glow_candy.